7 Non-tangible things to bring to Disney

1.  Patience

There will be long waits for rides, shows, and characters. Just have patience and wait your turn. Most attractions have little things to see while waiting in line like the wedding ring at The Haunted Mansion and hidden mickeys.  Instead of getting upset, keep your eyes open. You never know what you may find.

2.  Understanding

Your Disney Trip will not be perfect. Sometimes that ride you`ve been dying to go on closes. Don’t get upset. And do not go after the cast member. You must understand that this ride is being closed for your safety.

3.  Compassion

Disney is the happiest place on earth.  Don`t make it any less happy by being rude.  If you see someone who needs help go help them, open a door or pick up that a fallen Mickey cap!

4.  Humility

Be humble and sincere.  Don’t be in competition with anyone, don’t push and shove to get to the front of the line (see above) or to get that photo op.  Take your turn, see #1!

5.  Time Management Skills

Don’t squeeze everything into one day.  Take some time out to enjoy your Disney resort, the pool or shopping.  All the parks and attractions will still be there the next day.  Plan accordinly and don’ wear yourself and everyone else out!

6.  Sense of Humor

Every trip has it’s pitfalls; lost luggage (you get to buy some new Disney gear), a rainy day (it will cool you off) or a mix up with a reservation.  Don’t let anything ruin your trip, laugh it off. Just think, you may have a funny story to tell later on.

7.  Your Disney Side

Yes, of course, bring your Disney Side.  Smile always and Have a Magical Day!!IMG_1166


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