Happy 60th Anniversary Disneyland!

Disneyland or Disney World?  California or Florida?  Which is your favorite?  Either way, we are happy to say Happy Birthday Disneyland, the original!

We visited there last Spring Break and albeit smaller than of course the Orlando parks, it is quaint and cozy.  It is the original park, so you feel more part of the history.  If you are a Disney Fanatic, you must visit all the Disney Parks!  Ok, at least the ones in the USA!

Of course we may be a little partial to Disneyland because there is more of an Alice in Wonderland presence with the attraction there and the Mad Hatter makes regular appearances.  But living on the east coast, we frequent Disney World more often.  At least we’ve been to both parks, hopefully we will go back west soon!

Have a magical Day!

Marianne and Megan