It’s all about TINK!

Today’s character meeting was with the most famous Fairy Tinkerbell, or Tink as her friends call her.  Did you know that the actors that play the Disney Characters have to stay in Character.  There are many blogs out there that coach you on what to ask the characters and then you see how they respond, in character.  So I asked Tink about Wendy, watch the video and see her response.

Have a Magical Day!

Marianne and Megan


It’s Still Frozen in Florida – Elsa Encounter

Yes, Frozen seems to have taken over the world (Disney World that is)!  Here is our encounter with Elsa.  Anna and Elsa are together in Princess Fairytale Hall for the meet and greet, however, you meet with them separately.  They do not interact like the White Rabbit and Alice do, but they should, right?

What is nice about this venue is being inside in the very cold room!  Yes, we were Freezing, but of course, that is the nice part after coming in from the heat.

Enjoy this video.  By the way, last year we waited 90 minutes to meet Anna and Elsa.  It was early evening and not too hot (although it was end of July), that is why of course this trip FastPass+ was used.  We reserved early enough to be able to get in and glad we did.

Enjoy and have a Magical Day!

Marianne and Megan

Meeting Anna – It’s still all Frozen

How can hot and sunny Orlando be Frozen?  Well, have you been there lately, everywhere you turn, it’s Frozen this and Frozen that!  So of course, we had to meet the main characters when we were visiting the Magic Kingdom.

The wait times for Anna and Elsa in Princess Fairytale Hall, so our advice is to FastPass+.  Even the FastPass+ are not available at times.  As soon as you book and can start FastPassing attractions, do this one first.  Especially if you have your own Princess that loves Frozen.

Here is Megan with Anna.  


Marianne and Megan