The Lay of the Land: Sunset Boulevard

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Now we thematically return to the beginning. Like Hollywood Boulevard, Sunset Boulevard celebrates our own nostalgic conception of Hollywood. It’s probably my favorite part of the Studios. First of all, it’s the location of several impromptu shows each day put on by the Citizens of Hollywood. These directors, actors, starlets, and has-beens wander the streets playing games and interacting with guests. I want to spend way more time finding and hanging out with these guys. They’re some of the most talented people in Disney World. Secondly, it’s home to the Sunset Ranch Market. This open-air market sells food, drinks, and even fresh fruit. It feels so authentically Californian. The theming of the area will always impress me.

Farm Fresh Produce at the Market!

It’s also home to Hollywood Studios’ greatest attractions.

Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage

In a park that’s known for its shows, this is its best…

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