Friday Frozen Fireworks – Do you want to make a snowman?

Well it’s been almost a week we’ve been home from Orlando and our third Disney World get away!  We are getting ready to go again in a few weeks!

While thinking about our fun time, we were watching more Frozen videos we tool last week.  Here are a few more, hope you enjoy like we did!

Have a magical day!

Marianne and Megan


Disney World Vacation Countdown

This is our first post from the mobile app!  So I hope it works well!

Who uses the countdown apps??  I found a new one for DW!  So it seems 31 days until we are home again!

Although we are leaving Sunday for Orlando, we don’t plan on doing Disney World, are you shocked??

Here is the countdown photo!

Have a Magical Day!

Marianne and Megan