Is Memory Maker Worth It?

I think so, just get your $$ and get lots of photos!


Memory Maker

Yesterday’s post made me want to follow up about Disney’s Memory Maker and weigh the pros and cons about purchasing it for your trip.  Many people don’t see the need for this, while many others won’t go to Disney World without it.

I get asked about this a lot as a travel agent.  My answer is always, “It depends.”  There are many factors to consider when thinking about purchasing Memory Maker.

First I like to think about is the cost.  If purchased at least 4 days prior to your arrival date, the price is $169.  If purchased less than three days prior to your arrival, the cost is $199.  Memory Maker is not refundable.  For first visits, I like to suggest Memory Maker, simply because there will be so many memories being made!  But let’s also consider cost versus time at Disney.  If you are going for a quick weekend…

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