What is the Number 1 Disney World (or any travel) Rule?

My daughter and I went clothes shopping this morning at Rue 21.  She found this store online and wanted to get a few new things for our Disney trip.  The store was in a mall we don’t usually frequent and as we were strolling through looking for this store, she points out a Vans store.  While browsing the window, I spotted the cutest Minnie Mouse Disney sneakers and I had to have them!  My daughter rolls her eyes and I said let’s go look, you wanted a pair of Vans too, let me just try them on.

The girl brought out two sizes and the first pair I tired fit like a glove.  They were so comfortable (and cute too!).  I just couldn’t resist.  We told the girl we were leaving for Disney tomorrow and my daughter said the cardinal rule is no breaking in new shoes or sneakers at Disney!   I also bought a cute pair of Minnie socks too, they had some really great Disney Gear!

I walked out with them on anyway, thinking that I could start breaking them in while walking the mall…..but, on second thought, I won’t break the #1 rule.  I will stick with my 2 year old Sketchers and wear the new Vans on our July trip!

Here they are, aren’t they the cutest!

IMG_1243 (1)


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