Must Haves For a Female Disney Fan

The Pixie Dusted Disney Freak

Hey, Disney lovers! OK, We all love Disney merchandize, and there are SUPER cute merchandize! Of course, there are some must haves, and here are some that are for girls only:

Disney Princess Selfie Pajama Top:  To be honest, I wouldn’t wear this as pajama top because it’s super cute! It doesn’t look like one, but it looks super comfy!


Floral Mickey Mouse Case: It has little Mickeys on pink  background! It pretty and adorable!

Cinderella Purse: It is so beautiful and reminds me of a purse a queen or princess would carry!


Tinkerbell Two Tone Mug: This mug will probably make you think about when Tinkerbell is “flying” over Cinderella’s Castle and that will bring a smile on your face!


Cinderella’s Glass Slipper: If you want to feel like a princess, get this!


What is your fave idem on here?

Have a magical night!

Natalie Davis

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